The EDX features highly unique, robust design and construction. It includes two radical US patented technologies (8561304, 8783141):


The "In-Line Clip/Lock System" is a high-performance lock with auto-retracting pocket clip function in one moving part. It's a powerful, uncomplicated system designed for hard-use, hostile-environment applications.


The "Lockdown Pivot System" combines adjustability with structural-support. It allows blade adjustment like a standard pivot, but is tightened to become a stand off. This results in unprecedented assembly rigidity by providing adjustable support at the best possible place--at the pivot.



Blade Size: 3.25 inches

Blade Thickness: .160 inches

Blade Steel: CPM154, Bos Heat Treat, 61 RC

OAL (open) 8.25 inches

Frame Construction: 6al-4v Titanium

Weight: 7.3 ounces

Lock: US Patented "In-Line Integral Lock/Clip System"

Pivot: US Patented "Lockdown Pivot System"